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Place: Hotel y Centro de Convenciones Cosmos 100 
Address: Calle 100 #19a – 83, Bogotá, Colombia.
Tel: +57 1 646 4000
Days: 6 & 7 of November 2019

Contact at the hotel for special needs for your company during the event
(Snacks for your booth, waiters, drinks, etc.):
Alejandro Guillen
+57 1 646 4000 Ext. 330

Size (in meters): 
Height: 2.2m 
Depth: 2.0m
Width: 4.0m / 3.0m / 2.0m

2 15Wt spot lights, 1 double outlet, 2 white chairs, 1 counter, printed background.

Printed background size:
Booth 4x2: Back de 3.20 x 1.80 Mts  
Booth 3x2: Back de 2.40 x 1.80 Mts  
Booth 2x2: Back de 1.80 x 1.80 Mts
Note: Please send print materials in a high resolution pdf or jpeg at 300dpi to Armando Franco at

Set up day: Tuesday 5th of November 2019 14:00 Hrs
Booth removal: Thursday 7th of November 2019 15:00 Hrs
Set up Room: Salón Pegasus
Entry: Entry for suppliers is the 11th Street 98 # 88

Note: The floor of the pegasus room where the exhibition room will be is entirely of carpet.

Hotel regulations

Delivery of space for the assembly of stands and commercial displays
  1. The day before or the day previously agreed with the organizer of the event and in coordination with the Hotel's schedule, once the events scheduled by the Hotel end, the space is given to the Representative of the Organizing Company of the event, who in turn , will be in charge of making known the present regulation to the participants of the commercial sample and, therefore, of enforcing each one of points consigned in this document.
  2. It is important to clarify that the Organizing Company of the event will be responsible for the proper installation of the panels and other decoration elements, always taking the necessary precautions to avoid causing any damage to the rugs, walls and other facilities of the Hotel.

Advertising Materials (Banners)
  1. The location of banners within the conference rooms is only allowed for those companies that are authorized by the congress organizer.
  2. They must be related in writing and in advance. Remember that the banners should be installed in the respective structure. It is not allowed to use nails.
  3. The installation of outdoor banners and parades should only be authorized by the Hotel and carried out by the assigned Department staff according to the measures previously consulted.
  4. The organizer must not install it for any reason, and the service must be requested at least three (3) days in advance.

Security and surveillance
  1. The exhibitors will be the only ones responsible for the damages and / or personal and / or material damages caused to the Hotel or to third parties, inside and outside the stand, either by their staff or elements that do or do not part of the exhibition.
  2. Considering the above, each exhibitor will decide the convenience of providing additional insurance in the event that their particular requirement so indicates.
  3. The Hotel Cosmos 100 has private security 24 hours a day, however the exhibitors are obliged to take the necessary measures to avoid damages or losses of values ​​or products exhibited.
  4. The personal items such as: Wallet, wallet, checkbook, cell phone, credit cards, hand-held briefcase, laptops and personal valuables are not the responsibility of the Hotel.
  5. At the end of the day, the material of each stand must be left packed in boxes duly sealed and inventoried in the presence of the security Supervisor in charge.
  6. If, due to the size of the event, more security personnel are required and required, the Organization must contract it directly with the Hotel.
  7. Due to the fire detection system, the use of smoke machines inside the rooms is not allowed; When the use of these equipment is essential for the realization of the event, a special permission of the Hotel must be requested with due anticipation.
  8. The entry of all types of animals is prohibited.

Additional services 
  1. Storage: If the exhibitor needs the warehouse service to store his material once his event ends, it has a cost of $ 200,000 per day, which must be paid in cash once the material is removed with the proper relationship that was delivered the day he left it in Bodega.
  2. Equipment Rental: If you need any audiovisual equipment please request it in advance and must be paid by the exhibitor.
  3. Electricity and lighting: The sample enclosure will have lighting but if additional energy is required, the cost of the installation must be consulted and assumed. This payment must be made the day the event ends.
  4. Parking: The Hotel has a parking lot for public use, it must be canceled by the exhibitor.
  5. Telephone Service: Hotel Cosmos 100 has this service (no direct line) and must be requested for the Stand in advance and paid by the exhibitor in terms of installation and consumption.
  1. Booths, dummies, desks or any other type of obstacle that prevents access to the emergency exits of the 21st and 98th street can not be placed.
  2. You can not paint any area of the hotel, place lace, tacks, tape or any other object within the hotel facilities.
Internet access
  1. The hotel has a WIFI network open for attendees, if required a dedicated channel will have an additional cost. 

Cleaning service
  1. The Hotel Cosmos 100 offers cleaning service, however, only for the common area. Each participant will be responsible for cleaning their stand.
  2. Reception of Materials
  3. All material, samples of products, furniture, equipment and other elements of the exhibition will only be received two days before the event or failing the previous day from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM, surrendering it with its respective detailed relationship to the Hotel Banquet Service Captain who at that moment is on duty or in effect, to the Security Supervisor on duty, Calle 98 No. 19 A-88. Entrance located by the Doorway of Calle 98 (Parking).
  4. Each of the elements or material must be delivered properly sealed and marked with the name of the Exhibitor Company and the name of the event in order to avoid confusion.
  5. It is essential that for the entrance of said material to the Hotel, each exhibitor must submit a form with the inventory of the furniture and elements that enter for the exhibition. Each time you enter or exit any item must be reported in the respective form.

Restriction of measures?
  1. The organizer of the event will be responsible for giving the measures and specifications of the stands to each exhibitor.
  2. You can not place stands, dummies, desks or any other type of obstacle that
  3. prevent access to the emergency exits of Carrera 21 and Calle 98.
  4. The location of the stands and banners will be done according to the plan provided by the Event Organizer, which must have been previously approved by the Hotel taking into account the availability of the room or other spaces authorized for the type of assembly. Please note that the old lobby of the Cra. 21 previously used for the assembly of these commercial samples is NOT available for this purpose.

Dismantling of Stands and Warehouse Service
  1. The disassembly of each Stand must be done once the event ends without exception and remove the remaining or decorative material on the same day.
  2. A representative of each participating company must be present at the time of disarming the Stand.
  3. In any case, the Exhibitor authorizes the Hotel to remove the furniture or materials from his property, if under the stipulated terms he does not vacate the space, he must assume the totality of the expenses caused by the daily withdrawal and storage that will be charged until the day of his delivery.

Music, florist and decoration services
  1. MUSIC, FLOWERS, DECORATION services, contracted directly by the organizer, will be allowed, however, these providers must be selected within the list of recommended ones provided by the Cosmos 100. These must be registered and previously authorized by the Head of Banquets o Management of A & B, in addition they must comply with the hotel norm in terms of personal presentation and only stay in the site of the realization of the event.
Identification of suppliers
  1. Suppliers will be required to have a card that identifies them as such.
  2. This card will be delivered to the hotel.
  3. The entrance for the providers is by Calle 98 # 21a 88